Role & Duration:

User Research, Content, Product Strategy, UX/UI Design, Information Architecture, Prototyping, and Usability Testing In progress...

About Open Disclosure:

Open Disclosure San José is an open-source project with the mission to empower voters with information about the role of money in local elections. The website translates campaign statements from the City of San José into accessible visualizations and easy to understand summaries.

Business Goals:

  • Present campaign disclosures in a way that voters of all levels can understand
  • Establish trust with San José voters and avoid bi-partisanship

The Problem

Understanding campaign finance data is no easy feat

Money in politics impacts everything from who wins elections to how policies are influenced. According to user research, "84% of Americans believe that campaign finance has too much influence on political campaigns" yet, making sense of the data is practically impossible. Campaign disclosures are buried within thousands of different pdfs and filled with intimidating legal jargon.


An easier way to follow the money in local politics


Candidate Landing Page

Candidate Page

Ballot Measures Landing Page

Frequently Asked Questions Page

This project is a work in progress

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